Wake up and smell the coffee because it’s National Coffee Day! Coffee is something loved by many and is essential for some of us to function. How do you like it? Black? With cream and sugar? Hot or iced? You’ll surely want to celebrate today with a fantastic cup o’ joe! Wondering where the best coffee shops are in town? Take a look at our compilation of places to get a spectacular cup of coffee so you can espresso your love for coffee today!

Coffee Beanery- Located on both the boardwalk and on 94th Street in Ocean City, Coffee Beanery has more than just coffee. They also have tea, gifts, gift baskets and more!

Shugar Shack- Located on 27th Street, Shugar Shack is the perfect place for hot donuts, coffee, and ice cream. They serve delicious Rise Up coffee, a favorite here on the Eastern Shore. P.S.-The soft serve is amazing!

Fractured Prune- With two locations on the boardwalk along with locations on 28th, 56th, 81st, and 127th Street, you’ll never be too far from a Fractured Prune while in town. A hot donut and coffee is the perfect combination! Their Oreo and Sand donuts are a must-have with your drink!

A Latte Enjoy- If you’re looking for locally roasted coffee, look no more! Located on the boardwalk near 2nd Street A Latte Enjoy has coffee, tea, smoothies, and espresso. Something for everyone!

Satellite Coffee Shop- Looking for great coffee and a quick bite to eat? Satellite Coffee Shop has locations on 24th Street and 46th Street. So stop on in today!

And of course, if you are a loyal Dunkin or Starbucks customer, there’s always one right around the corner. So be sure to stop at a Coffee Shop in OC today to enjoy a cup or two of coffee in celebration of National Coffee Day!