If you’re looking to visit Ocean City and have an amazing time we have plenty of fun activities in town that will have you feeling like a kid again! Ocean City is the perfect place to have a blast, so put your worries aside and have get ready to have a fantastic time! Invite your friends and family to have a wonderful time full of fun and laughter!

  1. Bowling: Bowling is tons of fun! Head to Ocean Lanes on 72nd Street and try your best to beat your highest score! It’s the perfect indoor activity for the chilly fall and winter months approaching.
  2. Laser Tag: Gather teams and prepare for an epic laser tag battle at Planet Maze on 33rd Street! Pew-pew, pew-pew! This is sure to be full of action, smiles, and of course some good old friendly competition! Who will prevail as the champion?!
  3. Mini Golf: The colder months will be upon us soon, but no worries there are indoor mini golf courses in OCMD! Old Pro Golf has indoor locations on both 68th Street and 136th Street in town. Be ready to bring your best game and to try your hardest to stay under par!
  4. Hit the Arcades: Who doesn’t love an old fashioned game of skee-ball?! Be sure to bring plenty of quarters and be ready to play! Check out Sportland and Marty’s Playland for plenty of fun games including air hockey, basketball, claw machines, and plenty of other great games. And the best part is the arcades are just a short walk or tram ride away from the Hotel Monte Carlo!
  5. Shop for some Sweets: Let your sweet tooth takeover for a day and seek out some delicious dessert! If it’s candy that your heart desires, there are plenty of Candy Kitchens located throughout town. Also, Dolle’s is well-known for their homemade salt-water taffy and plenty of other tasty treats. If ice cream is what you desire, there are plenty of awesome places in town! Check out our blog post The Scoop on the Best Ice Cream in Ocean City. And nothing tops off the day better than a sweet treat!

We hope that you have an awesome stay here at the Hotel Monte Carlo and that you let loose and laugh like a kid again! Nothing is better than a day full of fun, laughter, and memories here in Ocean City!